Diane Nuckle


Diane Nuckle is a lover of the Green World of plants and all the gifts that they offer us, and honors the “Wisdoms of the Ancients” of living a life close to nature and in rhythm with the cycles of the seasons.  It is her belief that our Creator has given us all the food and ‘medicine’ that we need to live long healthy lives. And, of course, you can’t be ‘loving the plants’ without having that deep awareness of the Spirit that moves through and connects all things. Life is Sacred!

She is the former proprietress of Earth Spirits, an herbal apothecary and holistic center that was located in Sturbridge, MA. As educator and herbalist working also with flower essences and aromatherapy, she was passionate about ‘opening the doors’ of natural healing to her clients, customers and students as well as empowering women by helping them to remember the gifts of who they are. She is blessed to be in community with many wise teachers and friends in this life journey, as we share our passions, wisdoms and Sacred Life Walks together.

She now resides in Hawaii with her husband, grown children and their families, where she gets to be immersed in ‘child play’ every day while caring for her young grandchildren, and to teach them the wonders of the Green World around them. Her joy is in witnessing the beauty of the flowers, life and land that surrounds her (no matter where she is). She takes time ‘to smell the plants’ (not only the roses) where ever she goes.