Logo Symbolism

The symbolism behind this logo is immense and the teachings could take a lifetime to understand.


The two row wampum belt helps us be respectful.

It represents two paths (boats) existing and allowing one to follow their path and to respect the path of the boat traveling alongside. It suggests that you cannot have your feet in both paths (boats) as you could fall in the middle with no one to save you (mind) but the Creator. It means that confusion could get so overwhelming that no human can help. Focus on your intuition and spiritual guidance and follow your heart.  

  The tree of peace (great white pine)

represents the natural laws of the universe and to heed the messages of peace brought to us by many prophets who came when we as people were out of balance. The Haudenosaunee – Iroquois – People of the Longhouse still carry these messages and continue to follow the ceremonial path or cycles of ceremony in our longhouses. The four roots of peace represent us burying our weapons of war under this great tree and accepting the great peace. The roots spread over the world and any nation willing to follow these natural ways can take shelter under the great tree.

The turtle represents our Earth mother and the Creation story explains that she came from another place in our universe and landed on the turtles back. It could take a week to explain this and a lifetime to understand this.

The underlying message in this logo is the time is now to work harmoniously as a people united and to find peace in our world family’s hearts. To work to find the balance that is necessary to strengthen our earth mother, ourselves, our precious families, nations, plant and animal kingdoms, and any process that sustains life both terrestrial and celestial.

The hoop is all inclusive. A great healing can happen when we come together as one.